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What is business dinner?

We believe that meeting new business profesionals should be simple and fun. What is better way than a classic dinner party?! Just let people get to know each other, start to like and to thrust each other.

What is our mission?

The mission of the event business dinner is to create added value for entrepreneurs.

Price of business dinner

Price of business dinner is € 30,00 (includes food and drinks)

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Become part of fun, relaxed and casual way to meet other business professionals.
BUSINESS DINNER is a refreshing new concept of expanding business and social networks.

Our philosophy is very simple:

We belive that meeting new business profesionals should be simple and fun …
What is better way than a classic dinner pary?!

It is a known fact that, both in the world and in our country, many business transactions are made during  the lunch or dinner

AND OVER 70 %.

This fact is not surprising, considering that the people around the table always gather in a good and relaxed mood, which is driven by well prepared and served food and drinks.


An evening of delicious food and business conversations  in one of the popular local restaurants can begin.

Finally, the purpose of any business association with food  in a relaxed atmosphere is to develop business contacts outside the stressful and formal atmosphere of offices and meeting rooms.

If the dinner passed well, there will be many things already satisfactory agreed.

…provides more than you can imagine for less than you’d expect

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